Connect NC: Investing in NC Agriculture

Op-ed by Larry Wooten, NC Farm Bureau and Dean Rich Linton, NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, March 11, 2016

Just as agriculture and food production require fertile soil, a bright future for our growing state depends on strong public infrastructure. On March 15, North Carolina voters have a chance to address many of our state’s critical infrastructure needs by approving the Connect NC Bond – and they can do so without raising taxes. Read more…

Margaret Spellings: Yes on bonds is a yes for higher education

Since the first public university opened its doors here in 1795, higher education in North Carolina has been of the people, for the people and by the people. I’ve already witnessed that unique pride of ownership.

On Tuesday, voters will be asked to continue that long tradition as they decide the outcome of the Connect NC bond referendum.

Especially in this election year, it can sometimes feel as if there is more to divide us from our friends and neighbors than to unite us. But as a recent poll indicated, an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians support the bond issue. That’s because education is a consensus issue that reminds people from all walks of life of the hopes we share for the future. Read more…

Moore Projects At Stake on Statewide Ballot

Passage of the $2 billion Connect NC statewide bond issue would bring $12.7 million to Moore County.

The biggest share, $8.5 million, would pay for the second phase of the Samarcand Training Center under the N.C. Department of Public Safety on the site a former juvenile correctional facility in Eagle Springs that closed nearly five years ago.

Sandhills Community College would receive $3.8 million for renovations to the Kennedy Building that houses health sciences and Owens Auditorium. The bond also allocates $428,250 to acquire additional land for Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve state park in Southern Pines.

The Samarcand Training Academy, located in the northwestern part of the county near the Montgomery County line, opened last August with a four-week class for 24 corrections officers following the completion of a $10.4 million renovation. The first phase was funded by a General Assembly appropriation. Read More..

Farm Bureau endorses bonds package

LUMBERTON — The Robeson County Farm Bureau on Monday passed a resolution in support of the $2 billion Connect NC bond package, which would bring more than $30 million to Robeson County.

Voters will decide during the March 15 primary whether to approve the borrowing deal.

The Connect NC Bond is a $2 billion proposal with $1.3 billion dedicated to capital construction, repair, and renovation of colleges, universities and community colleges; $180 million for agriculture, which contributes $78 billion to the state’s economy and supports 17 percent of the state’s workforce; $400 million for state parks, state zoo and local water/sewer projects; and more than $70 million for new National Guard Readiness Centers. Read More..

LETTER: Connect N.C. bond deserves our support

To the editor:

As a former president of South Piedmont Community College and resident of Anson County, I would like to express my support for the Connect N.C. bond package that will be on the ballot as part of the primary election on March 15.

The bond will support a wide range of capital improvement projects across North Carolina including the North Carolina Community College System. SPCC will receive $3.2 million for much-needed repairs and renovations in both Anson and Union counties. Read More..

Connect NC $2 billion bond on ballot

– Governor Pat McCrory made one final push for the passage of the Connect NC bond Package in Greenville Monday.

If approved by voters on March 15th, the state will borrow $2 billion to fund a variety of projects, including many in the Queen City.

UNC Charlotte would receive $90 million for the construction of a brand new state-of-the-art science facility.

University officials say the campus’s current science building, Burson Building, no longer has the adequate space needed to serve the growing number of students. Read More..

Gov. McCrory holds panel with local university leaders on Connect NC Bond

Governor Pat McCrory was in Eastern Carolina Monday for a panel discussion with other state and university leaders about the multi-billion dollar bond package, and why voters should vote for it this month.

The talks took place at the East Carolina Heart Institute this afternoon.

The Connect NC Bond is a $2 billion bond package that’s on the March 15th primary ballot.

Governor McCrory said Monday that this money is crucial for the growth and improvement of Eastern Carolina. Read More..

NCC Urges Residents to Vote During Primary Election

Did you know that Nash Community College (NCC) serves over 11,000 students each
year? The number continues to rise each semester as NCC strategically meets the
needs of the area through educational offerings. This includes traditional students,
displaced workers, adult basic education, professional continuing education, first
responders completing required training and much more. Chances are in a typical day,
you have benefitted by more than one Nash Community College graduate working in
local occupations.

In 2012, Nash County citizens demonstrated their support of higher education with an
overwhelmingly positive response to the bond referendum that helped NCC construct a
new Continuing Education and Public Services Building. The building opened last
summer and was part of the College’s long-range master plan helping administer the
Continuing Education needs of the local community and region. Hyperbole aside, the
one-of-a-kind facility is home to instructional technology that can be found nowhere else
in North Carolina. This helps ensure fire, law enforcement, EMS, electric line
construction and other heroes serving our communities are prepared for their
demanding roles. Read More..

John D. Chaffee: Critical bond issue for Eastern N.C. education, economy

Our private, not-for-profit economic development agency is dedicated to improving the capacity of Eastern North Carolina to sustain and attract companies that will create quality jobs. That includes supporting sensible education initiatives.

Several months ago, our Board of Directors approved a resolution supporting the ConnectNC bond referendum. We revisited this decision after the legislature approved a $2 billion bond issue that did not include transportation projects. We unanimously endorsed the bond issue supporting critically needed investments in higher education, clean water systems and state parks.

The legislature’s decision to eliminate the transportation component was a result of its ending transfers of money from the Highway Trust Fund to the general fund – a huge step toward improving our connectivity.

We have lost many jobs as a result of global shifts in manufacturing, but we are experiencing significant growth in STEM-related manufacturing jobs such as aerospace, life sciences, motor vehicle parts, value-added agriculture (food, wood products) as well as health care and financial services. Read More..

Bond issue would help NC National Guard remain ready, reliable and relevant

Whether it is a hurricane, winter storm, tornado or any man-made disaster that strikes, North Carolinians serving in the National Guard respond. Leaving their families and properties behind, they selflessly answer the call to serve their neighbors, communities, state and nation. This has been their solemn obligation for over three centuries.

Included in the ConnectNC bond referendum that voters will weigh on the primary ballot this month is $70 million dedicated toward the infrastructure needed to sustain this tremendous team of voluntary citizen soldiers and airmen.

North Carolina has 91 armories. Their locations were based on N.C. population and demographics of the 1950s when every armory was composed largely of residents from the surrounding community. A lot has changed since the 1950s. Read More..

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