March 9, 2016
Moore Projects At Stake on Statewide Ballot

Passage of the $2 billion Connect NC statewide bond issue would bring $12.7 million to Moore County.

The biggest share, $8.5 million, would pay for the second phase of the Samarcand Training Center under the N.C. Department of Public Safety on the site a former juvenile correctional facility in Eagle Springs that closed nearly five years ago.

Sandhills Community College would receive $3.8 million for renovations to the Kennedy Building that houses health sciences and Owens Auditorium. The bond also allocates $428,250 to acquire additional land for Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve state park in Southern Pines.

The Samarcand Training Academy, located in the northwestern part of the county near the Montgomery County line, opened last August with a four-week class for 24 corrections officers following the completion of a $10.4 million renovation. The first phase was funded by a General Assembly appropriation. Read More..

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