March 9, 2016
NCC Urges Residents to Vote During Primary Election

Did you know that Nash Community College (NCC) serves over 11,000 students each
year? The number continues to rise each semester as NCC strategically meets the
needs of the area through educational offerings. This includes traditional students,
displaced workers, adult basic education, professional continuing education, first
responders completing required training and much more. Chances are in a typical day,
you have benefitted by more than one Nash Community College graduate working in
local occupations.

In 2012, Nash County citizens demonstrated their support of higher education with an
overwhelmingly positive response to the bond referendum that helped NCC construct a
new Continuing Education and Public Services Building. The building opened last
summer and was part of the College’s long-range master plan helping administer the
Continuing Education needs of the local community and region. Hyperbole aside, the
one-of-a-kind facility is home to instructional technology that can be found nowhere else
in North Carolina. This helps ensure fire, law enforcement, EMS, electric line
construction and other heroes serving our communities are prepared for their
demanding roles. Read More..

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